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UFO Ezekiel's Wheel, Wind Power Artwork and Rainbow Squiralism, Global Awakening

Sunset in Eureka, CA


Ezekiel's Wheel: UFO or Magic Mushroom?
Let's GO to Alpha Centauri
Space Exploration is our destiny.
Classic Squiralism

Bladeless Wind Power Invention
A totally new Idea about creating electricity from wind.
Phoenix Bird God
Phoenix Arising by gregvan
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Alien Spaceships visit the Pyramids.
Drumming at The Marimba Tent at 2004 Rainbow Gathering:
Click on above link to see all my Rainbow Gathering Pictures and read MyStory.
At Night, we projected colored lights from LED Flashlights on the Parachute to create a Psychedelic Lightshow that danced in time to the drumming.
Rainbow Squiral ROY G BIV
Rainbow Squiral ROY G BIV MUG by gregvan
Design printed mugs online at
Sunset in Eureka, CA
Visual Echo
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Flower Power
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We are Approaching The Singularity
and by Inventing our own Future
The Opportunities are Remarkable.
Flower Power
Free the Leaf and the Flowering Buds
Pentagon Rainbow Bridge