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Rainbow Gathering April 29th-May 5th. History. Was Near Placerville, CA. Ignore All Rumors of Cancellation or Moving...


Iris Mitzvah Posted:

To arrive at the All California Rainbow Spring Regional Rainbow Gathering, begin your journey in Placerville, CA on US RT 50.

38.6083358, -120.4564955

Follow Main Street in Placerville & take your first right onto Cedar Ravine Rd.
In 1.1 mi veer right & continue on Cedar Ravine.
In 5.7 mi turn left onto Pleasant Valley Rd.
In 0.2 mi turn right onto Bucks Bar Rd.
In 4.8 mi continue straight onto Grizzly Flats.
In 8.3 mi turn right to continue onto Grizzly Flats toward Leoni Meadows.
In 1.5 mi veer left to stay on Grizzly Flats.
In 3 mi there will be a sign for Leonie Meadows campground. Continue straight past for about 3 mi and the marker for 9n16 is on your right. Welcome Home!

Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, self abuse, pet abuse, family abuse - 
bring what you need for yourself and maybe a little to share - and all needs of the community will be met!

Ignore all rumors of cancellation or moving...

There is a federal national forest police roadblock checking IDs, vehicle registration, insurance. There are police dogs present as well. Make sure all aspects of your vehicle and contents are in compliance with all laws.

HOWDY FOLKS! SEED CAMP HAS STARTED and will last thru the weekend! There are now three kitchens present. This gathering should be in & fully setup by Monday April 29th and runs for one week till Sunday May 5th.

Remember, Pack it in, pack it out! clean up begins the moment you arrive! there are no ground scores during the gathering!

A 2 minute message with these directions exists on the Lightline 707.520.4727

Cheryl Colpetzer Gardner posted on Facebook:
This is Summer Summer Breeze and Raven. Ignore all rumors of cancellation. The California regional is happening. There is an operating plan in place that the USFS has agreed to honor. It is a legal gathering. I spoke to someone who left there a half hour ago that confirmed this is a legal gathering. Come on home family. There will still be a Forest Service Law Enforcement presence. Wear seat belts. Make sure your vehicle is legal with tags and insurance and in operational condition. Use turn signals. Obey speed limits. Do not put things in your dash that would encourage LEO's to stop you. Be legal in all ways. Please drive safely and soberly. Family is asking for more five gallon buckets and water filters. Bring good food, good vibes and lots of love. Bring dog leashes for your dogs. Expect checkpoints. Be respectful. Welcome Home. We love you!

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Peace Sign and Butterfly
"Like a Surfer riding on a Tidal Wave" ~ Lyric by John Perry Barlow
"I Need a Miracle, Every Day!" 
Trantor is a One City World
from Isaac Asimov's Book Series

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